Bitcoin owners risk their funds being lost forever after they die, specialist warns

People who own digital currency such as Bitcoins risk their funds being lost forever after they die unless they leave a “digital trail” for relatives to follow, experts have warned. Bitcoin and other “e-currencies” are increasing in popularity as they are seen as a convenient way of carrying out worldwide transactions while minimising the risk of fraud. […]

The Entrepreneurs Forum at Cardiff Business Week

Some pretty amazingly successful entrepreneurs have been speaking at Cardiff Business Week, revealing the secrets to their success in our Entrepreneurs Forum. “The UK is an incredible place to start a business,” says Michael Jacobsen, the man who took the Dirty Dancing brand and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. “There has never been a […]

Inspire Wales announces it first investment

Today (November 8th) InspireWales has announced its first investment in Cardiff-based funeral comparison website About the Funeral. About the Funeral was set up by Kim Bird who has a wealth of experience in the industry, including working as a funeral arranger for one of the UK’s largest funeral companies and as a bereavement support volunteer. The […]